Monday, October 5, 2009

Rings and Things

So I have since received my ear wire gadget and have been making ear wires from silver plate, copper and my all time favorite sterling silver. The gadget is a great little tool but its parts are mostly hard plastic. It is a fantastic tool for occasional use but because I will be mass producing my earrings I will be needing something a bit more sturdy. I have found just what I needed.

Pictures of some of the ear wires and jump rings I have made. I used a wooden dowel to make the jump rings. I do have mandrels for making the rings but a dowel or even a pencil can be used.

The second picture shows my SS ear wires. I will hammer them a bit to make them stronger and add some thinner SS coils near the hoop.

I have also ventured into making wire wrapped rings and here is my first attempt. There are a lot of mistakes but I do like the look and will keep at it until I get it just right. The stone is carnelian and the wire is brownish in color...makes for a great combination.


Dave Robertson said...

Nice results all around, my compliments on your earwires for their pleasing shapes! And you've created some excellent photos, by the way. Thanks for sharing a really inspiring blog post :)


A Beaded Affair said...

Nice job on the ring. Looks like copper and I love copper.