Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crafty Fingers!

So I am working my fingers off trying to get ready for a craft show the second weekend in December. Must get ready!

So far I have knitted scarves, made earrings, bracelets and rosaries. I am cutting out material for mini pillows, making a kiddie bean bag game and pincushions with real emery. Emery sand is great for keeping straight pins nice and sharp. Got my emery here...

I have created a list of things to make and am going down it checking items off as I make them. Seems the "list" has gotten longer because while sitting here creating things my mind is working double time creating with the you know what I mean. I think most crafters have the same problem. We start with one project and while we are creating we come up with half a dozen other ideas.

I bought some really neat fabric months ago and will make tote bags from it. Well...then I decided I should make coordinating keyrings. I thought the fabric would also look good as a does. Now I have two dozen of them...still have to make the bags and keyrings.

Went looking for a free vintage knit pattern for a baby layette. I personally think the vintage patterns especially for babies/toddlers are the cutest. Found quite a few patterns...there are a lot of sites offering them.

For those who like vintage patterns you can sometimes get caught up with finding the right yarns to match those use in the patterns. Most of the yarns used in them are no longer available. This site offers "Discontinued Yarn Charts" which includes such info as...manufacturer, brand name, description(yarn content), put up(weight) and approx yardage. Great information to know! Hope this helps someone.