Sunday, December 4, 2011

Early New Year's Resolution

Was looking through my yarn stash today and wow... I have way to much...over three maybe four huge plastic containers full of yarn. I say maybe four because I am sure that I have misplaced one container.

I have baby fingering yarn, boucle, novelty yarn which includes the fun fur, knobby yarn, yarn with shiny threads, ribbon yarn, plain old acrylic, cotton and my favorite wool yarn. Way to much!

I have made an early New Year's resolution to knit or crochet on something everyday until I get down to one container. So far in seven weeks I have knitted and/or finished off five hats, 1 pr of fingerless gloves and four scarves. At this rate I should be looking at one container maybe by June!

Not only do I have a stash of yarn but I also have a ton of knitting needles...many which have never been used. I have the aluminum ones which I rarely use. Then there are the plastic ones which are all double pointed. I taught myself how to use them last year. I have been trying for years how to figure them out and finally grasp the idea from a minute video I watched on the internet. I also have wooden needles, bamboo needles and two sets of hand carved ones which are just to pretty to do anything with but look at.

Did I say I crochet. Well I have a bunch of hooks aluminum, plastic and wood and also a couple of hand carved ones but unlike their knitting cousins I have used them. I love the way they move through the yarn.

I keep my needles and hooks in a big ole jar but will have to do better. Seems every time I want to work on a new project I have to practically dump out the entire contents to find matches or mates. I will have to break down and sew some of those pouches that are sectioned and one can just roll them up when not in use. Great Idea!

Here are some infant/toddlers hats done in three types of yarn. The one in the middle and the pastel one on the right are very soft yarn. The blue stripy one is cotton.

This striped scarf was fun to knit and is geared more for fun-wearing...I call it "sherbet". The stripe effect is from the yarn itself...makes for some really cool stripes.

I am working on two adult hats at the moment and will be starting on another pr of fingerless gloves. I will take some photos of these projects later. I have been looking through my vintage knitting books because I love the older infants and toddler patterns...they are the cutest! I will be working on some booties, mittens and baby sweaters next. Stay tuned....

Zip...Zipper Away....

I have decided to make some coin purses, belts with bags and other "short" totes to carry coins, cards, phones and any other small devices one chooses to carry. I was thinking of making my purses in fabric and ultra suede, add beads, charms and other embellishments. I am thinking of using buttons and velcro for closures but am also thinking of putting in zippers. The only problem is...I have not sewn in a zipper in over twenty...that's 20...odd years. I am a lazy seamstress. I try to avoid making anything with a zipper and rarely do I put in button holes or buttons. I like elastic...(rave on)...or buttons loops.

So I get out one of my machines and find the zipper does look strange. I manage to connect it to the machine with almost no problems. Went searching for the box of zippers which was well hidden behind a tightly stacked shelf of fabric. I next went in search of "how to sew a zipper" on the internet.

Well...after practicing for half an hour I did manage to sew one in with not to bad results....

Not perfect but getting there.......

More practice is needed but I know I can do it....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Last time I posted I was getting ready to do a craft second show ever. What a lot of work!

The show itself was a learning experience...more good than bad. The most important thing is that I loved it and will do it again.

Some things I have learned...
*Always make too much and remember to bring everything...ran out of scarves and boas the first day! Had a customer offer to drive me home to get more...don't know whether she was serious or not.

*Bring stuff that you don't particularly like but maybe someone else would...did not have enough of these items.

*Always have business cards ready to hand out...had to make some quick cards on the puter overnight.

*Be more organized...saves time and stress.

*Start making items at least six months in advance...a must!! Saves time and stress.

*Make a list of what items to make and stick to adding more stuff until you finish with your list...saves time and stress.

*Make sure to have someone to help you out...for breaks and helping with sales...someone who will be as enthusiast as yourself. Had the help but...the enthusiasm...

This show was also the first introduction to my gift baskets. I did not sale any of them but I did get some referrals...and...was asked if I might be interested in doing a child only show at a later date.

Here are a few pics of my baby baskets. I also made some knitted cotton baby washcloths and burp pads.

The empty space on the table was
because I had just sold some wash-

Overall the experience was a good one. Although the show did not pull in the numbers as promised...(very low)..I did make sales. Sales were not as good as I would have liked but the people who did come...came to buy.

To sum it all up...I enjoyed myself immensely and would love to do another show...soon!