Friday, September 25, 2009

More beads....

So I am still going bead crazy...have been ordering more beads, findings and other neat gadgets. Found a really cool tool for making ear wires called "Easy Ear Wire" found it here The tool comes with instructions but if you want to see how it works you can find the short video here

I think I will be saving a lot of money making my own earwires especially since I like using sterling silver. I have lots of SS wire just waiting to be used. I am waiting impatiently for my new toy to arrive!

In between my beadfest I have been seriously considering starting my own business...won't tell until I get everything situated. I have been wanting my own business since before time. I have been selling since I was 9 or 10. I have done the flea market the life! I would be out there selling in the rain, heat, sleet and falling ash. I have sold online for over six years and now I am ready to take the big plunge.

I have started writing my business plan, am looking at the licenses I will need and available storefronts. I have almost all the equipment, displays, shelves and other stuff I will need to place merchandise on. I will not be open for business for another six months...I think. I just want everything to go smoothly. I am so excited!

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