Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fabric Bookmarks

Back in Oct of 2010 I created some nifty bookmarks from fabric and vinyl. The bookmarks were really easy to make and one can make them using fabric scraps. They would make great additions for craft shows and art bazaars.

Materials Used:
cardstock or actual bookmark (comes in a pack of 10 or so)
Heat&Bond (ultra)...I wanted my bookmark as stiff as I could get them without using cardboard.
Iron-On Vinyl
fabric (go wild & crazy...or not)

1.Using cardstock cut whatever size you are comfortable with. Mines measures 2"x6". (I can't remember if I used an actual bookmark or cut my own.)

1A.When cutting fabric I cut my pieces a little bigger all around...1/4".

2.Cut heat&bond to size of cardstock and apply it to one side only...using appropriate iron temp. Let cool. Peel off paper lay fabric over, apply iron once again until fabric sticks. Let cool and cut excess fabric. Repeat process for the other side. Note: Read and understand manufacturer's directions for applying heat&bond.

Note: The iron-on vinyl can be a little awkward to work. I remember placing my bookmark down and then cutting another piece and laying in on top. Please follow manufacturer's directions for best application method.

3.I cut both pieces of vinyl about 1/4" wider all around because you want the sides to overlap and come together as in making a sandwich. The overlap edges will bond together when the iron is applied to it...forming a seal. Cut some of the excess vinyl leaving about a 1/8" edge all around.

Make a few of them first to get a feel for handling the ultra bond and especially the iron-on vinyl.

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