Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Things I should be doing

Back in 2002 I created a series of mini felt pillows and characters. I love working with felt. It is a hardy material, comes in many colors and some the animal prints and it's fun to work with.

I don't create my designs beforehand. I start by cutting out pieces and then a thought or idea just hits me....creative spontaneity! I stuff my creations with polyfil and maybe add a weight or two. I am thinking of giving up the weights and adding plastic pellets for my next series. I use a blanket stitch to outline these mini creations. I love working with creates a more dramatic effect. Most of my pieces have a black background for the same reason.

Today I search everywhere (house and garage) but I could only find two. "Sam" and Fruit (apple, banana and a bunch of grapes...dark color is actually plum, not black). Notice that I also love bright colors.

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